Barter Books Alnwick



On my recent trip to Alnmouth, I met a man who was visiting Barter Books in nearby Alnmouth. Sadly I didn’t have time to visit on this occasion, but it brought back some happy memories of my last visit there in 2016.

Barter Books, a second-hand bookshop in Alnwick has a far-flung reputation, both for the number of books on offer but also for its location in the old Alnwick station building. The station was built in 1887  and served on a branch line which ran from the main line at Alnmouth into the town. For such a small branch line it is an impressive station, but this was because it was used by royalty visiting the Dukes of Northumberland at nearby Alnwick Castle. It was closed in  1968, but thankfully the fine station buildings were preserved and can be enjoyed today whilst browsing amongst the racks of books on offer.






It’s a great place to spend a few hours just browsing, you never know what you may find.



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