Migrants arrive!

My second patch walk of the spring/summer season this morning. It was only 11C, so I wasn’t hopeful of any butterflies or insects, but given my schedule and the weather forecast for the rest of the week, it seemed like this morning was the best option.

The usual species were present in the gardens, but no Chiffchaff or Blackcap yet. The most interesting thing I found was a Crust Fungi on a tree. I don’t associate fungi with spring, as they are far more common in autumn, but this one was in good condition and quite widespread on the tree. It is poisonous, so perhaps that is why it has survived being eaten.

Onto the Tarn and the first batch of Mallard ducklings were out and about.

As far as I could see the Geese are showing little sign of nesting yet, but there are now 2 Coot nests, one more than last week and I saw a Coot carrying nesting material into vegetation, so there may be a third. Only one seems to be incubating at the moment.

A Little Grebe was at the east end of the Tarn (It was there last week too). We occasionally have one overwintering here but this is getting quite late. Intriguing, is this a lone adult or do we have a nest somewhere in the vegetation? Only time will tell.

Two male Blackcaps were singing, one at each end of The Tarn and I also heard a Chifchaff, possibly in the wooded area between the Tarn, the golf course and Tarnwood Park (not accessible). I did encounter a very friendly Robin, who allowed me to get closer and closer to take his photo on my phone and only flew off when I walked away.

In all 26 bird species seen on the walk this morning.

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