Sombrero Galaxy

Been a good couple of weeks using the COAST remote telescope for taking pictures. This week’s featured target was the Sombrero Galaxy.

Really pleased with these photos of the Sombrero Galaxy (M104/NGC5494). I last photographed it back in 2013 and looking at my results then it was nowhere near as clear as it is in these.

The Sombrero galaxy is an unbarred spiral galaxy found in the constellation Virgo. It is 29 to 32,000,000 light years from Earth and from our position is observed nearly edge on. It has three distinct features – a bright nucleus, a large central bulge and a central dust lane or ring which circles the bulge. Together these give the impression of a sombrero. The large central bulge contains at its centre a massive black hole, one of the largest so far detected. The dust ring consists of hydrogen gas and dust and is thought to be the primary site of star formation within the galaxy.

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