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Posted: November 26, 2018 in History, Trains
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Gladstone was built at Brighton works in 1882 and saw service on the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway until 1927. It is the last surviving engine of its type with the driving wheels at the front of the locomotive. It was designed to haul express trains on the London to Brighton line. 

When it finished service it was purchased by the Stephenson Locomotive Society and was exhibited at the LNER museum at York. In 1959 it was given to the British Transport Commission as part of the national collection and is now on display at the National Railway Museum in York. 

The Gladstone class (or B1 class) were express passenger locomotives designed for the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway
They were introduced in 1878 and 38 were constructed in total. They were withdrawn from service in 1910.

Number 214 – actually named Gladstone was the first of its class and is preserved in the National railway Museum in York