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Some more pictures of The Liverpool Overhead Railway


Liverpool Overhead Railway
On the way to work
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"See the Dox!" - Liverpool Overhead Railway advert
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LIverpool Overhead Railway guide, c1935
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Some posters associated with the Liverpool Overhead Railway including the notice of closure from 1956.

These and many other items related to this pioneering and unique Railway are on display in the Museum of Liverpool

The Liverpool overhead railway ran the entire length of the dock front in Liverpool.


It was referred to locally as the ‘dockers umbrella’. It opened in 1893, having taken fewer than four years to build and in its construction signalling and the use of electricity as a power source ( as opposed to steam) it had many unique and innovative design features.






Run as a private railway,it escaped nationalisation although this ultimately may have led to its downfall. In 1955, a report on the structure of the overhead lines listed extensive repairs needed to be carried out in order to make the railway safe. The private company who owned the railway, deemed these were unaffordable and opted to close it down. It closed to passengers in 1956 and the track was dismantled the following year.

This carriage and the section of track are preserved in the Museum of Liverpool