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Views of Oxford (1)

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Christchurch is probably the most famous college in Oxford. It is unique in that it is both a college of the University and the Cathedral of the diocese of Oxford. It was founded in 1524 by Cardinal Wolsey as Cardinal’s College. But five years later, when Wolsey fell from favour, it became the property of King Henry VIII. He re-founded the college and named it Christchurch. During the English Civil War it was the residence of Charles I, who had made his capital in Oxford. When the monarchy was restored, following the period of Commonwealth, the college was repaid for its loyalty to the King, and was expanded. Perhaps the most famous monument is Great Tom Tower, which sits above the entrance and contains the Great Tom bell. This was built in 1682 to the design of Christopher Wren, a former student at the college. Other famous students have included William Gladstone, John Wesley, Robert Peel and Rowan Williams, to name but a few. Among the teaching staff was one CH Dodgson, better known to the world as Lewis Carroll.