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When I was in Oxford recently I attended a series of lecture on Inscriptions from Aphrodisias. This was a city I had not come across before so decided to look into it more

Aphrodisias was a Greek city in Asia minor which flourished during the Roman Empire.


The city was famous for its cult of Aphrodite and for its marble. It attracted many of the top sculptors of the Roman Empire to work there. In the late first century BCE the city was given the personal protection of the Emperor Augustus, thus securing it important privileges. The city continued to grow and many impressive public buildings were built using the local marble.

North Agora, Temples and Baths at Aphrodisias
photo by Ken and Nyetta (

Aphrodisias Stadium
The Stadium
photo by Rafael Alvez (

teatro de aphrodisias
photo by Rafael Alvez (

Monumental gateway
photo by Chris Ruggles (

Today the city ruins still give a clear indication of the rich urban life of a wealthy Roman city.


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M5 (aka NGC5904) is a globular cluster in the constellation Serpens. it is 24,000 light years from Earth and can be observed with binoculars or a small telescope. At 13 billion years old, it is estimated be one of the oldest globular clusters in the Milky Way. Estimates of the number of stars contained within the cluster vary considerably from 100,000 to half a million.

photos taken using the Bradford robotic telescope.