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One of the most interesting features of this villa is the central dining room and its mosaics. These date from the mid 4th century and evidence suggests that this impressive dining room which is situated in the centre of the main building was probably added around this time. There are two mosaics one depicting the abduction of Princess Europa by the god Jupiter, disguised as a ball, and the second, which depicts Bellerophon slaying the Chimera.



This room must’ve been the showpiece of the villa and it is easy to imagine its residents as they declined in their dining room looking out over the valley below.

The Rape of Europa Mosaic, Lullingstone Roman Villa
Photo by Loz Pocock (

Bellerephon Killing the Chimera Mosaic, Lullingstone Roman Villa
Photo by Loz Pocock (

Unfortunately, this is the only in situ mosaic in the Villa and so it is difficult to estimate whether all the other rooms were decorated in such an opulent style or whether it was only confined to this the most public of rooms,