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If I think back to the time that I first became interested in steam locomotives, the names of two locomotives come to mind that I remember seeing in those early days. These two engines both came from the same class, albeit built to 2 different designs. This was the GWR Hall class and the two locomotives concerned were 5900 Hinderton Hall and 6998 Burton Agnes Hall.



Hinderton Hall is an example of an early Hall class locomotive, built at Swindon in 1931. It spent much of its life working in the West Country and seems to have had a pretty unremarkable life. it worked up until 1963 when it was withdrawn from service at Bristol and sent to Woodham Brothers in Barry for scrapping. It was rescued from there in 1971 by a member of the Great Western Society and taken to Didcot where it was restored over the next five years to mainline running condition.

5900 Hinderton Hall over 4 years after withdrawal at Woodham's, Barry 23 March 1968
5900 at Woodhams in Barry
Photo by John Turner (

Hinderton Hall 5900 2
Photo by Tony Hisgett (

Hinderton Hall
Photo by Tony Hisgett (

It is currently on static display at the Didcot Railway Centre awaiting overhaul to return it once again to full working order. Unfortunately its position in the engine shed on my last visit made photography difficult so have included some other photos which do proper justice to one of my favourite locomotives.