Bletchley Park revisited (1): The Post office

Posted: March 19, 2014 in History, UK


The building which housed the post office at Bletchley Park dates back to around 1900 when it was built as an extension to the mansion to serve as butler’s quarters. when Bletchley Park was taken over by the codebreakers at the start of World War II, it was turned into a mailroom. It enabled the people working at Bletchley Park to keep in contact with their relatives and friends by writing letters. A great deal of time and effort was put into ensuring that no letter sent out provided enemy agents,or indeed families, with clues about the work that was actually being undertaken on the site at Bletchley. This was accomplished by routing mail from different locations so as not to endanger the nature of the work being carried out.


After the war, when Bletchley Park was being used as a venue for training courses, the Post Office continued to run it as a sub post office and shop serving the delegates on the courses. It was finally closed in around 1987.

When Bletchley Park trust opened as a museum in 1994, the Post Office was turned into the first gift shop and also started issuing first-day covers for new stamp issues. These are now much sought after and very valuable.

Bletchley Park Post Office
Photo by John Keogh (

Inside the old Post Office IMG_3050
Photo by Carol (
Photo by Andrew Thomson (

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