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If the AEC Regent was the bus of my early childhood, then the Routemaster was the predominant bus of my later childhood and teen years.


In fact, the Routemaster had entered into service as early as 1956, but although the last one was manufactured in 1968 it was its reliability and long life which saw it continue in service for almost 50 years. In all, 2876 standard Routemasters were built for London Transport. In addition to the standard form, a number of variants will also commissioned. London transport also had just over 500 of a lengthenand form (RML) and did examine a variant which had its entrance at the front rather than at the back (RMF), although these latter were never used on scheduled bus services in London.





Two major reasons led to the phasing out of the Routemaster. The first of these was the introduction and continuing switch to one man operated buses and the second was the need to make buses accessible to people in wheelchairs. This led to a series of new designs being put forward which were able to meet these two requirements.

The last Routemasters on a scheduled route ran on 9 December 2005 on route 159. The last bus in service terminated at Streatham Hill at 2:07 in the afternoon. Routemasters continue to run on 2 heritage routes in central London, although it seems that they will be withdrawn from one of these in July of 2014.