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During our recent trip to Lake district we went to Milnthorpe to try and catch up with the long staying Glossy Ibis which I understand has been present in the area since last September. We had been given directions and told to park in the lay-by just as you left the town and look over the river Bela as it flows alongside the road. As luck would have it this was the one day in the entire two weeks that it decided that there would be rain. Arriving at the lay-by I got out of the car and scanned the river – no sign of anything let alone a Glossy Ibis. After all what self-respecting bird would be out in weather like this. So I climbed back in the car and we decided to give it a while and try again. 10 minutes later I got out and there was the bird standing in the middle of the river. Hadn’t seen it fly in and there wasn’t any vegetation for it to hide in- so have no idea of where it came from.




Glossy Ibis, a bird found in the Eastern Mediterranean has become an annual visitor to this country and indeed on the weekend we were looking at this long-staying Cumbrian bird, a number of new arrivals were sighted back in SE England.