Statues and monuments: Thomas Fanshaw Middleton

Posted: November 19, 2015 in History, London, UK
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Thomas Fanshaw Middleton was born in Derbyshire in 1769. he was educated at Christ’s hospital and Cambridge and was ordained priest in 1792. He worked in a number of parishes in the UK including St Pancras in London as well as spending time as a private tutor. In 1814 he was made bishop of Calcutta, the first to hold the post, and travelled to his new diocese, which in effect was most of India, that year. he set about setting up a free school and a school for orphans  which opened in 1815. In that same year he undertook a tour of his diocese which entailed a round journey of a round 5000 miles and he did not return to Calcutta until the following year. In 1820 he established a Mission College to train local people as missionaries and he continued to travel to parts of his large diocese. He died in Calcutta in 1822 after developing a fever.

This statue to the first Protestant bishop in India was erected by supporters of his work in the UK and can be found in St Paul’s Cathedral.


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