Great Northern Diver

Posted: January 13, 2016 in Birds, Kent, Natural History, UK

A few weeks ago Keith and I went down to Chatham Docks to see the Great Northern Diver that is wintering there. On that occasion we were unlucky but Keith returned on New Years Day and got this wonderful picture.


  1. If I was a GND I think I’d starve – is it really going to get that crab down it’s neck? πŸ˜‰

    • Pete says:

      It does seem an odd food source I agree Stephen. I tried again yesterday (and failed again) to see the bird, but talking to Keith and the other local birders it does seem to have developed a liking for the crabs in the dock basin. I presume it must have mastered the knack of cracking the shells against something hard (? basin wall) and then extracting the the insides from the broken shell.

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