Statues and Monuments: Richard D’Oyly Carte and others



This planter is to be found in Embankment Gardens just behind the Savoy Hotel and Theatre and celebrate’s the achievements of Richard D’Oyly Carte, his wife Helen and a number of other associates.

Richard D’Oyly Carte was born in 1844. He joined his father in his music publishing and instrument manufacture business but soon ventured into performing as a conductor, composing music and promoting musical events. In the 1870’s he was responsible for bringing together WS Gilbert, Arthur Sullivan and his wife Helen Carte in collaboration to write and produce 13 operas. These were to include some of the most famous that Gilbert and Sullivan were to write including Trial by Jury, HMS Pinafore, Pirates of Penzance and the Mikado.  He built the Savoy theatre to house the new opera company known as the D’Oyly Carte company. He also built the Savoy Hotel and the Palace Theatre. He went on to own a number of the top luxury hotels in London including Simpson’s in the Strand and Claridges. At the end of the 1890’s ill health forced him to pass the running of the theatre and hotel chain to his wife and son. Richard died in London in 1901.

The D’Oyly Carte opera company continued to perform until 1982 when it was closed down as a permanent touring company although when funding has allowed it has made re-appearances for short runs over the years since

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