All aboard the Waverley (6): To Tower Bridge


The Shard dominates the skyline dwarfing the tower of Guys Hospital
The Shard dominates the skyline dwarfing the tower of Guys Hospital

Leaving Docklands we approach the end of our journey. In the distance can be seen the buildings of the city including the Shard which is visible from many parts of London.

We pass the River police station at Wapping and some diners enjoying their lunch.

Wapping Police Station
Wapping Police Station



Two famous riverside pubs are found on this stretch. The ‘Captain Kidd’, named after the famous pirate who was hanged nearby at Execution Dock in May of 1701 after being found guilty of piracy and murder.



The ‘Prospect of Whitby’ is one of the oldest pubs on the river. It originally dates from around 1520, when it was known as the Pelican. It was destroyed in the 18th century and rebuilt although the stone floor is original and approx 400 years old. When re-built it was renamed after a ship, ‘Prospect of Whitby’, which was moored nearby. It is suggested that people started referring to the pub as  ‘the pub near  the Prospect of Whitby’ and a landlord took up the name for the pub. It has had many famous patrons including both Samuel Johnson and Charles Dickens. It appears in sketches by the artists Turner and Whistler.


Tower Bridge is now ahead and we have a grandstand view to see it raised to allow passage into the Pool of London.




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