Posted: June 16, 2014 in Dark ages, History
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A meeting at the British Museum enabled me to finally visit the Viking exhibition in the new exhibition gallery a few days before it closed.

British Museum
Photo by Allan Harris (

The exhibition chose to focus away from the traditional view of Vikings as blood hungry raiders who pillaged the neighbouring territories and instead to look at them in terms of their culture, craft and explorations.
There were many beautiful objects gathered from collections all over the world which bore witness to their skill as craftsmen.

British Museum: Viking badges "The Penrith Hoard"
photo by Moorina (

British Museum
The Lewis Chessmen
Photo by Allan Harris (

The geographical range of goods discovered told the tale of their wide ranging exploration and their involvement in Kingdoms from Byzantium in the east to Ireland and Normandy in the West.
The centre of the main hall is the reconstruction, together with some original timber, from the largest Viking warship ever unearthed at Roskilde in Denmark. It is over 37m long and is estimated to have had around 70-80 oars and a probable crew of 100 warriors.

photo by Wolfgang Jung (

The Sea-wolf
photo by Zoe (

A very interesting exhibition and a great start to the new gallery. The exhibition closes on June 22nd. So if you can get along and see it.

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