Segedunum Roman fort: The Bath-house

Posted: August 4, 2015 in History, Newcastle, Roman History, UK
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Central building complex at Segedunum Fort

Central building complex at Segedunum Fort

Within the site at Segedunum Fort there is also a reconstruction of a Roman bath-house. It comprises 5 rooms:

The Changing room – where the bathers would change their clothes, relax and play games either before or after taking a bath

The Changing room

The Changing room

The Cold room (Frigidarium)-  a cold plunge pool

The cold bath

The cold bath

The Hot room (Caldarium) – here the heat was moistened from a water fountain to aid with sweating and cleaning

The Tepidarium

The Caldarium

The Warm room (Tepidarium) – with a temperature between the Frigidarium and the Caldarium, it could be accessed from both as either a place to warm up or cool down before returning to the Changing room.

The Tepidarium

The Tepidarium

The four rooms above form the classical suite of rooms in a Roman bath, but there is also a fifth room at Segedunum:

The Hot Dry room (Iaconicum) – this was hotter than the Caldarium and provided a dry heat to encourage sweating.


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